About Varsha

Varsha Saju Nair is a multi-talented student who has established her prominence in the field of education, art, music, and as a moderator. She commenced her journey in art back in late 2016 and since then, has actively been participating in exhibitions and live art events for the purpose of traversing the several mysteries of art and for honing her skill with the help of the supportive community. She has only just begun her venture into the realm of art and has been extremely fortunate to have been blessed with immense opportunities to present her artworks to the art world. Over a dozen of her creations were chosen by several art enthusiasts for the purpose of adorning their homes and offices. As a student, she attends to her assignments with due vigor, skill, and enthusiasm – creating positive energy at all levels she perseveres.

Artist Quote

“It would be an honor to walk this path of discovery and creativity with all of you. Welcome to my world, where your imagination is only the beginning.”






"I met this very beautiful charming young lady at an art show which she was taking part in during the year 2016 and I was very much impressed with what I saw and it is amazing how much she has developed in to such a professional artist. This shows that a little encouragement from your parents, friends and your teachers can help you go to such heights and I am very carefully and enthusiastically watching this young lady bloom into something quite phenomenal and she's going to make it so big one day. She is already way up there and I am just so very proud of her.” - Ms. Sultana Kazim, renowned artist, fashion designer, and Representative and Co-coordinator of Museum of Americas.

“Varsha Nair was still a child when I first saw her doing a live painting. A talented child that quickly put aside her shyness towards the stranger who immediately recognized her talent for painting. A talent that also her parents recognized and promoted early on without exerting any pressure. A happy little girl who loved what she did, whose eyes shone when she was praised, but had the intelligence to accept and understand criticism. Varsha Nair is not only talented but equally intelligent.In the following years I was able to observe with joy that Varsha accepted advice but above all knew how to implement advice. She accepted existing weaknesses that were initially very visible in her works and improved year after year. Some of her works were sold in exhibitions, which obviously gave the young artist wings!! Supported by this success, Varsha followed the advice to seek and find her own way in art and she found it for the first time with her monochrome series of paintings by dancers on a cubistic modern background. A series that arose from her own imagination, the moment in which the talented child became a young, serious artist. From my point of view as an art critic, the now 16-year-old Varsha Nair has a great career as a visual artist ahead of her. An artist who will prove herself again and again and will certainly develop many ideas for works of art that will surprise and show her diversity. I hope to be able to accompany Varsha as an advisor and (grand) fatherly friend for many years to come.”- Mr. Peter Gressmann - Art Critic, Art Dealer, Curator and founder of artforumuae

"It is my unique pleasure to pen in a few lines about an artist par excellence, Miss. Varsha Nair who, I have the privilege and pride to say, is a student of DPS Sharjah. I believe that Art, besides being an avenue for one’s creativity, also teaches how to interpret, criticize, use visual information and how to make choices based on it. In the words of Pablo Picasso, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up”. Varsha took the first steps in her academic journey with DPS Sharjah, and it is truly heartening to witness that she has identified the direction in which she would like to progress, so early in life and is working diligently towards her goals. Her creative expressions are testimony to her maturity and her in-depth perception of the world around her. We, at DPS Sharjah are very proud of her achievements and wish her greater successes ahead. My blessings and best wishes to dear Varsha, may her creativity find its place in every corner of the globe and touch millions of hearts.” - Ms. Vandana Marwaha, The Principal & Director, DPS Sharjah

"Varsha is a talented and gifted student in art who develops the desire and the ability to depict people and other subjects from their environment at an earlier age than other students. The elements of composition, color, space, and movement are handled with greater sensitivity by visually gifted students like Varsha. I really like Varsha’s art, she’s a great young artist and I’m sure she’ll have a great future in her art career. Varsha is an artistic personality type because she uses her hands and mind to create new things. She appreciates beauty, unstructured activities, and variety. She enjoys sights, textures, and sounds. She prefers to use her creativity and imagination which obviously shows the positive energy in her artworks ."-  Ms. Nada Al Barazi (Artist)