"For me Art is limitless"

   -Varsha Saju Nair

About Varsha

Varsha Saju Nair is a multi-talented student who has established her prominence in the field of education, art, music, and as a moderator. She commenced her journey in art back in late 2016 and since then, has actively been participating in exhibitions and live art events for the purpose of traversing the several mysteries of art and for honing her skill with the help of the supportive community. She has only just begun her venture into the realm of art and has been extremely fortunate to have been blessed with immense opportunities to present her artworks to the art world. Over a dozen of her creations were chosen by several art enthusiasts for the purpose of adorning their homes and offices. As a student, she attends to her assignments with due vigor, skill, and enthusiasm – creating positive energy at all levels she perseveres.

Artist Quote

“It would be an honor to walk this path of discovery and creativity with all of you. Welcome to my world, where your imagination is only the beginning.”